This is a critical moment of our history. The moment we can build an inclusive and sustainable society.


“We are building the backbone of what will become a distributed nervous system enabling a Cognitive Operating System to understand our world and humans. It may sounds like sci-fi, but it is actually what we are building.” Kazé A. ONGUENE

What kind of brain would work without the consciousness of what is happening. To ease the awakening of a self-conscious autonomous-system you need to give it a chance to feel its own way. It needs a skin of his own, nerve of its own, eyes of its own. It needs to feel pain without suffering because pain helps you learn faster. Pain teaches to be humble and attentive. Such brain is aware of the season. It feels the heat of the sun during the summer. – Article coming soon –

AI Chatbot Platform Builder

Philippe Duhamel, Co-Founder, Clustaar explaining the chatbot platform dedicated to customer support automation for all businesses & apps. The platform is renowned for its user-friendly interface, Natural Language Processing, and machine learning features.

AI building a better society

Dylan Kissane, VP Marketing at Cosmotech explaining how Artificial Intelligence will help you in building a better society.
“If we talk about Tech for Good, AI is the part of the conversation.

AI-Powered Transit Services

Thibault Lécuyer, Chief Marketing Officer explaining the first turnkey platform to operate smart AI-Powered on-demand transit services to measure the real potential for your territory.

Removing friction from system

Catalin Ciobanu Co-Founder and CTO of explaining the ways how AI can help us in building a better society by removing the friction from the system.

AI Ethics in customer relations.

Thibault ALLOUARD, Co-founder and CMO at Addon-acs, explaining why new powerful tools must be used and put at the service of consumers to improve their health to build a better life and society.

Regulating AI?

Dr. David Meszaros, Braincities legal advisor, provides services as an International Lawyer, business consultant and blockchain enthusiast with knowledge of many legal systems all over the globe sharing his views on the challenges of regulating AI.

Combining AI and Wine Making

Charles Nespoulous, Co-Founder of Chouette, explaining how you can combine AI and Wine making process and enable wine makers to have a better understanding of vineyard through Artificial Intelligence.

BRAINCITIES 2018 Hackathon

From Friday 27th to Sunday 29th April 2018 IONIS, the parisian school of engineering hosted Cohesive | DC Hackathon, the first of a series of events organised by BRAINCITIES LAB and the DATACHAIN initiative community. The DATACHAIN designed by BRAINCITIES LAB will enable data brokerage disintermediation by leveraging the potential of private data tokenisation.